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What should you expect if you decide to stop by CrossPoint Church this Sunday morning?

  • You should expect to be warmly greeted by people who are truly glad you’re here
  • You should expect to fit in regardless of your hair, tats, size, clothes, gender, piercings, or your past (or present, for that matter!)
  • You should expect a service that lasts about an hour and is easy to understand
  • You should expect to hear a message that makes you think, that answers some questions, and gives you hope
  • You should expect to want to come back …

Here are the answers to some questions we get:

Do you have a dress code?

Yes. We expect everyone who attends CrossPoint Church to be dressed. Jeans, sweats, scrubs, slacks, skirts, kilts, tees, shirts, blouses, ponchos, sweaters, shoes, boots, flip flops, sandals, heels, jellies, or flats. Wear what’s comfortable. Don’t worry. You’ll fit in.

Are children allowed to stay in church?

Sure. But we do have a well staffed nursery that’s New-Mom Approved and we have a wonderful Children’s Church in our Kid’s Zone for children 3 years of age through the 5th grade.  You can check all your children in to their appropriate ministry just before our morning service begins at 10:30.  We want your children to be comfortable, to have a good time, and to have a God-Experience.  But we want you to be comfortable too, so if you’d like to have your child with you in worship, we’re great with that too.

Will I fit in?

We’ll do our best. We come from varied backgrounds, from writers to janitors, school teachers to mechanics, students to doctors.

We come single, married, widowed, divorced, remarried, and roommates.

We’re old and young. We’re thin and fit, and not-so-thin and not-so-fit.

We have lots of money and almost no money. We have doctorates, degrees, diplomas, certificates, GEDs, and never quite got along with schools.

We’re nice, we’re kind, but we have our off days too.

We’ve all been broken and hurt and have experienced loss – some of us are doing okay, some of us are doing great, and some of us struggle with getting out of bed each and every day.

We’re people.

We’re the church.

We need each other.

And there’s always room for one more…….

There’s always room for you!

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